It’s the season of “Typhoon”!! ~To work out countermeasures~

日本の気候(きこう): Japanese climate

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At first

Helo everyone! This is MIKA.

We’re in summer now on the northern hemisphere, how do you do?

By the way, today’s theme is “Typhoon”!!

“Typhoon” comes from summer until autumn to Japan.

Especially the typhoon which comes to Okinawa prefecture gives us very strong wind and rain, so please pay attention!!

In addition, not only a typhoon but also “Guerrilla rainstorm” suddenly comes and it’s impossible to estimate, so it’s better to take a raincoat.

Check the information before coming to Japan!

Check the weather forecast!

It’s very happy for us that a lot of forigners comes to Japan by relaxing the restrictions of an entrance into Japan because of COVID-19.

However, do not forget to check the weather forecast before visiting!!

Especially for you who go to Okinawa!!

Check there is a typhoon or not!

First, check there is a typhoon or not by the webpage of Japanese Meteorological Agency.

If there is a typhoon, check the weather forecast to know which day is rainy and windy on the place where you go.

Basically, we souldn’t go out if a rain and a wind is strong!

Check the service status of an airplane!

If there is a typhoon around Japan, an airplane must be cancelled.

So, check the information before leaving definitely!!

The belongings you must have

I want you not to come to Japan when a typhoon is coming, but if you want, please prepare for a typhoon.

A raincoat・rain boots

An umbrella is very dangerous because it will be flapped in the wind, so surely take a raincoat and rain boots!!

And, broken umbrella will be a flying weapon, so never use it!!

A flashlight・batteries

If the light goes out, a hotel can restore the power soon. But if you don’t stay in a hotel, you have to use a flashlight, so I recommend you to bring it.

Also, it’s good to take a lantern with some batteries or rechargeable type.

A water to drink・some salinity

Because there is a possibility to cut off the water supply, keep much water before it happens.

If the light goes out, an air conditioner doesn’t work, so it’s important to buy some salinity or an oral rehydration therapy not to be a heat sick.

Emergency foods

Instant noodles, cans, snacks, hardtacks, retort foods…we can give some examples as emargency foods.

But for a blackout, we sould choice some emargency foods not to heat.

Also, there is a rice which we can eat by just adding a water at the shop for a disaster prevention or a camp.

A portable battery charger

Additionally, for a blackout, it’s better to take a portable battery charger.

If you forget it, don’t worry! There is a portable battery charger which can charge a power from some batteries in convenience stores!

Portable fans

It’s helpful if you have some fans like a portable fan, Uchiwa, and Sensu. Uchiwa and Sensu is Japanese traditional goods.

I recommend you to have one of them not only for a blackout, but also for usual days.

Card games, books, comics and so on

It’s also important to prepare something to play, because we can enjoy the typhoon night with games!

Especially for guesthouses and hostels in Okinawa, there are some card-games, board-games, books, and mangas.


If you’re anxious that you can’t sleep because of the sound of typhoon, don’t forget to bring earplags.

Some hotels, guesthouses and hostels give you them, but they may not be free.

Final comment

The news of typhoon No.6

How about it?

You have to prepare so many things because of a typhoon, but you can buy most of them at convenience store, so don’t worry about it.

However, never despise a typhoon because it’s very awful disaster.

It’s safety to stay inside a building when a storm warning is in effect, so do your best for preparing!!

And, the sea and a river will be rage, so never go to watch there!!

Finally, please watch the movie of the news of Typhoon No.6 which is going through around Okinawa islands now.

Could you understand how dangerous it is?

I think you don’t want to cancel a trip, but if there is a typhoon around Japan, please make another schedule to visit.

That’s all about typhoon, thank you for reading!

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