Let’s learn about the prevention of disasters! Vol.1

防災(ぼうさい): Prevention of disaster

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At first: Japan, the country of natural disasters

Hello, this is MIKA.

Some days ago, TSUNAMI has reached the countries border on Pacific Ocean because of the large‐scale volcanic eruption in Tonga.

It wasn’t another country’s affair because there are so many volcanos in Japan too.

And the day before yesterday, on 17th January, it has been 27th year-round of Han‐Shin Awaji Earthquake disaster.

Because of building’s collapse, conflagration, and including a disaster-related death, totally 6434 persons have gone.

On the other hands, at Great East Japan earthquake which has been occured on 11th March 2011, totally 18425 persons have been sacrificed by the earthquake, conflagration, and large tsunami.

In addition, a part of persons who had lived in Fukushima prefecture can’t go back to their own towns now because of the radioactivity made by the accident of the first nuclear power plant of Fukushima.

In my town, just a power supry has been cut off. However, it makes our life so unconvenient.

We have so many kinds of nature disasters like typhoon, flood, and landslide in Japan.

Then, how can we minimize the damage of nature disasters?

And what should we do when a disaster has been occured?

By this time, I’ll tell you about the prevention of disasters, how to protect ourself.

Part 1: When you enjoy your trip in Japan

Where should we stay?

Nature disasters might be occured during your trip in Japan.

When you choose your destination, it’s better to look for the hotels or ryokan which is far from sea or rivers.

If you find any accommodations under a precipice, never stay there because it’s too dangerous!!

Pay attention for charging

And it puts you at your ease to charge your smartphone frequently.

It’s more ideal to have the charger.

The things to find before sleeping

Next, there are two things to check before sleeping.

First thing is a flashlight. We call it “Jobitou(常備灯)” which is set up in each rooms in hotels. Find where it is in your room.

Second thing is an emergency exit, “Hijouguchi(非常口)” in Japanese. Find this green mark in your accomodation.

In the case of hotels, we often see it at a bottom of a corridor.

If you have an earthquake in your hotel

When an earthquake has been occured in your hotel, stay under a desk at first until a vibration has been finished.

If a power supply is cut off, it will restore soon in the hotel which reserves an electric source.

If not and you’re nouveous, take a flashlight, your smartphone and wallet only and go to the lobby to ask for instructions by employees.

For someone who worry disasters very much

For someone who worry disasters during the trip in Japan so much, I reccomend to stay in the room on the low floors.

The closer to the ground, the smaller a vibration of an earthquake sill become. Also you can go to the lobby soon.

And it’s good to have some drinks, long-life breads and snacks not to keep them in cold storage too.

Notice of the next article

How was it?

At the next article, I introduce you the prevention of disasters in the case of finding and living your home in Japan!