Let’s learn about the prevention of disasters! Vol.4

防災(ぼうさい): Prevention of disaster

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Hello, this is MIKA!

Now, it’s final round of “Let’s learn about the prevention of disasters!”.

Let’s learn the coping methods together when an earthquake has been occured or expect a coming of typhoon, tsunami, and flood actually!

Part 4: the coping methods for an earthquake

An earthquake suddenly attack you.

It might have been occured when you are in your home, school, office, train, or bed.

For each case, it’s important to keep cool, act fast and defenitely.

Never to panic, act selfishly and make a groundless decision!!

Hide under a desk or table!

After an earthquake has been occured, hide under a desk or table at first until it will have been finished.

It’s to protect yourself by all of things to fall.

If you are in a toilet at that time, open the door not to be closed in.

Turn off the switch of a fire!

If you’re cooking at that time, turn off the switch of a fire soon!!

It’s to prevent a conflagration as the second disaster.

Open doors and windows!

After finishing a vibration, open doors and windows to keep the exit.

Extinguish a fire!

When something is burning, extinguish a fire with water or fire extinguisher as as much as possible!

However, if it’s too difficult to do alone, give priority to take refuge.

Take slippers or shoes!

When you act in your home or go outside for a refuge, take slippers or shoes by all means never to cut your foots by broken pieces of glasses.

Get information!

In general, “Emargency call of earthquakes” will come to your mobile phone at the same time or immediately before, after.

To beware of an aftershock and tsunami, grasp the situation as soon as possible.

Take a refuge by walking if it’s necessary

If you don’t have to worry a collapse of your house or fire and there are some water and foods to live enough, it’s better to stand by at home.

If not, go to a shelter by walking with something like a helmet to protect your head and a minimum number of articles necessary for living.

In this case, never drive a car!! Because there is the possibility of failing to escape by a traffic jam.

And also never to get closer to concrete block walls because they might fall down after an earthquake.

Then, never forget to take off a circuit breaker and turn off a stopcock of gus before going out.

Never take an elevator!

If you are on the higher floor of a building or highrise condominium, you take an elevator inspite of yourself.

But, stop to think! That elevator might halt because of a blackout.

Go down by stairs even if it’s too hard!

Help others as many as you can!

If you keep your composure and still have enough strength and time, help others under safe conditions.

However, if it’s too difficult to help for amateurs, call for the rescure of professionals without overdiong because you might be injured or sacrificed together.

Part 5: the coping method for tsunami

After a large earthquake, you must beware of tsunami at a coastal area.

And like the recent volcanic eruption at Tonga, it’s necessary to pay attention for tsunami even if we don’t have any earthquakes in Japan.

When an earthquake has been occured or an alert of tsunami is coming, escape to upland on foot soon!!

Remember tsunami is dangeous enough to kill someone even if it’s just 1m height.

Part 6: the coping methods for a typhoon and heavy rainfall

Get information!

When a typhoon or heavy rainfall is coming, get correct information by TV, radio or internet to check the warning level of your area.

You must go to a shelter before wind and rain will be strong if not only your home is close to the sea or river but also you live with elders or anyone who can’t take a refuge by him/herself.

After wind and rain have been strong, never go out!!

Reinforce the windows!

If you worry that windows will have been broken by strong wind, it’s better to reinforce them with curing tape in advance.

Move something which can be swept by wind inside!

Move something which can be swept by wind into your home like potted plants, umbrellas and bicycles.

Never to check waterfront, your home or farm!!

Never go out even if you worry outside so much after keeping safety!!

Keep in mind that someone who go out to check his/her home or farm never come back.

Also there are persons who want to watch the wild sea or river, it’s too outrageous!

If you find such persons, stop them!!

Final comment

How was it?

Until this time, we learn the knowledge to protect ourselves by nature disasters and keep damages to a minimum together.

I think there are some persons who are scared to go to or live in Japan.

However, I want you to know that Japan has the rich nature enough to have so many disasters.

There is the possibility of a volcanic eruption, however, we couldn’t have had the benefit of “Onsen” without any volcanos.

I wish you really enjoy your travel or life in Japan as preparing for your safety!