June is the month of a “Rainy season” in Japan! ~We call it “Tsuyu”~

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Japanese article is here; https://japaneselanguagesalonbymikapanda.com/about-japanese-rainy-season-1929

At first

Hello, this is MIKA!

We have four seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter…but between spring and summer, there is the season called “Tsuyu”, around June. Did you know that?

Now it’s already June, so I’ll tell you about “Tsuyu”, the rainy season in Japan!

What is 「梅雨(Tsuyu)」?

「梅雨(Tsuyu)」 is the rainy season in Japan.

It starts the end of May in earlier case, and it finishes the end of July in later case.

And we call the beginning of it 「梅雨入り(Tsuyu-iri)」, and the ending of it 「梅雨明け(Tsuyu-ake)」.

The beginning and ending of that is different every year, it’s decided by the announce of Meteorological Agency.

During the rainy season, we have a rain almost everyday, and high humidity; that’s why there are many pelple who feel an uncomfortable heat. And some of them have a headache because of a low pressure.

By the way, 「梅(Ume)」is a japanese apricot. Why 「梅雨(Tsuyu)」 means the rainy season?

The answer is that we can take a fruit of a japanese apricot in June.

Also we read it 「梅雨(Baiu)」, that’s why we hear the word 「梅雨前線(Baiu-zensen)」, a seasonal rain front in Japanese by a weather forecast.

What is 「てるてる坊主(Teruteru-bouzu)」?

During this season, children often make a doll called “Teruteru-bouzu” in their home, kindergarten, nursery and elementary school.

The reason why they make it that they hope a sunny day.

There are some opinions of its origin, but they are a bit scared story.

First opinion is that in old days in China, a girl named “Chin-nyan” would be a bride of the Dragon(As the God of a sky) to stop a long rain; it means she was the victim. Because of that, people put the doll of her at their home to mourn her. And finally, that doll would be a “Teruteru-bouzu” in Japan.

Second one is that in old days in Japan, one Buddhism priest prayed for a sunny day, but sunny days haven’t come, that’s why finally he has been decapitated (“Bouzu” means Buddhism priest in Japanese) .

Anyway, now it’s very cute doll to pray, so please do not be scared them!

Additionally, the way to make is very easy, just try it!

A hydrangea

In Japan, from the end of May, a hydrangea(“Azisai” in Japanese) starts to bloom.

The color of them will be changed by the property of the soil where they are growing up. If it’s alcalinity, the color of the flower will be a blue.

On the contrary, if it’s acidity, the color will be red or reddish purple.

Let’s go to shrines on a rainy day!

The rain spoiled our much‐awaited holidays in Japan…OMG!!

Many visiters might think that, but please wait!

In fact, if we go to shrines on a rainy day, we can take many benefits by Japanese Gods!! 

In other words, your dream comes true easier than a sunny day!!

The reason why is that a rain can clean up our body and heart.

Also a rain is the sign of welcomming by Japanese Gods, so they hear your wish gladly!

Final comment

How was it?

During「梅雨(Tsuyu)」, we have a high humidity and heat and they drive us mad, and feel chocked everyday…many people must think.

However, we can enjoy colorful and beautiful hydrangeas only in this season! I think it’s the Japanese thinking that it’s the best way of life to enjoy the best point of each seasons.

But, for people who are not good at a high humidity and a low preassure, it’s better not to visit Japan in June.

And people who have already moved to Japan, please be careful for a mold!!