Let’s learn about the prevention of disasters! Vol.3

防災(ぼうさい): Prevention of disaster

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Hello, this is MIKA!

What should you do to protect yourself by nature disasters when you start to live in Japan?

This time, I’ll write the article for that subject.

Part 3: When you start to live in Japan

Imagine the day to start the life in Japan!

You must be happy and have so many things you want to do.

However, be on your guard! Because Japan is the country of nature disasters.

Earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, heavy rainfall, flood, landslip……

It’s impossible to expect when and what will attack you.

So it’s better to prepare earlier for your safety and ease!

Buy the set for the prevention of disasters!

“The set for the prevention of disasters” means the things to live for some days even if the energy suply has been stopped after a disaster.

It’s including water, foods, a flashlight, charger, battery, portable toilet, radio, first aid kit and so on.

You can buy it at DIY sotres, major variety shops, and electronics retail stores.

Of course online shops like Amazon treats it too, you can consider by sarching now!

And if you need more things like a rain coat or heating pads, it’s better to add them.

The goods for camping is also the goods for a prevention

Have you ever camped? Or do you camp continuously?

The goods for camping like a sleeping bag, portable gas stove, lantern, water bag, cooking tools and so on are useful as the goods for a prevention.

It’s easier to think what is neseccary to live outside than to protect by disasters.

Never put anything which is easy to fall down in your bedroom!

If a bookshelf is falling down to you while you’re sleeping…?

It’s too scary just to think about it.

So, never put anything which is easy to fall down in your bedroom.

Especially pay attention for the things which are broken by falling down, because they are too dangerous when we escape to outside.

If you put them necessarily, buy the tools to lock furnitures or ornaments.

In the case of a bookshelf and cupboard for dishes, lock itself never to fall down at first.

After that, fit the fasteners for dishes never to fly out and put the films for glasses never to break.

You can buy them at DIY sotres, major variety shops, and online shops too.

Also you can find them at furniture shops, so I recommend you to check them when you arrange furnitures.

Decide the place to get together!

If you live in Japan with your family, friends or lover, it’s better to decide the place to get together after a disaster previously.

Because it’s very difficult to get in touch with them because of the crowded network system even if your mobile phone’s battery is enough.

You should choose your home or the nearest shelter as the place to get together.

Prepare the information source!

We can’t expect when earthquake will be occured; however, it’s possible to get information for tsunami, typhoon, and heavy rainfall in advance.

You can watch the news with TV definitely. But if it’s too difficult to understand in Japanese, you need to add the website which is written in your mather tangue as the bookmark antecedently.

For example, the website of Japan Meteorological Agency is very helpful because you can read it in English and other languages.

Notice of the next article

How was it?

This time, I’ve told you the things to do previously before disasters will be occured.

Next article is final round. The theme is “The coping method when disasters have been occured really”.

Let’s study together to act safer and faster carmly!