No Gods in October!? ~Japanese Gods and Izumo Taisya Shrine~

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At first:What’s “Kanna-Dsuki”?

Hello, this is MIKA!

The middle of October has already passes, and it’s the chily season without the sun around Tokyo. I don’t like cold days, how about you?

By the way, the old name of October is “Kanna-Dduki”. It means “The month which there are no Gods”, what is that!?

I’ve introduced you on my blog before, we have the view of religious that there are so many Japanese Gods(Holy spirits) and they are staying at most of things in the nature; that’s why there is a lot of shrines which deify each God around Japan.

*About “Shinto”, Japanese view of religious, please read this article.

However, in October of the old(lunar) calendar, most of Gods will gather to “the certain place”, so there is no God in shrines!

Therefore the old name of October is “Kanna-Dsuki”, the month which we don’t have most of Gods.

Then, where is “the certain place” which Japanese Gods will gather?

The answer is “Izumo-Taisha shrine” in Shimane prefecture!

Why will Japanese Gods gather at “Izumo-Taisha”?

October of the old calendar in 2022 is from 25th October to 23rd November.

In 7 days during that term, most of Gods around Japan gather at “Izumo-Taisya shrine”. The reason why is that shrine is the center of all of the shrines which denify each Japanese Gods.

So, in Shimane prefecture, people say “Kamiari-Dsuki” as the old name of October, it means “The month which we have Gods” conversely.

Anyway, why Japanese Gods gather at “Izumo-Taisha shrine”?

The answer is to held “Kami-Hakari”, the conference of Gods to decide religious theme such like the next year’s hervest and who marry who.

“Izumo-Taisha shrine” is famous especially as the shrine of marriage, that’s why it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s the holy place for couples and women who hope a marriage with their ideal partner.

In the first place, what is “Izumo-Taisha”?

“Ookuni-Nushi-No-Mikoto”, one of Japanese Gods

“Izumo-Taisha” is the shrine which denify “Ookuni-Nushi-No-Mikoto”.

He is the descendant of “Susanou-No-Mikoto”, and he found of the large and wealthy country around the present Izumo area, that’s why he has been called “Ookuni-nushi-no-mikoto”.

And he offered that country for “Amaterasu-Oomikami”, and it made her happy, so he was received “Izumo-Taisha” as his home.

“Ookuni-nushi-no-mikoto” and the rabit

By the way, why is there a rabit next to “Ookuni-Nushi-No-Mikoto” in the illustration?

Of course they have the deep relationship, and like the picture at the upper side, there are 61 statues of rabit.

“Ookuni-Nushi-No-Mikoto” and a rabit appear in “White Rabit in Inaba country”, one of the Japanese mythologies.

A long long ago, there was a rabit which tried to go over to Inaba from Oki Island. And the rabit thought to deceive sharks. The rabit let them stand in a queue, and the rabit crossed the waters by jamping on each sharks. Sharks found they were used and they got angry, then they acted skinning the rabit!

“Ookuni-Nushi-No-Mikoto” found the hurting and crying rabit when he was traveling with his brothers, and he advised “Wash your body with fresh water at first, and lie down on the ground which is covered the ears of the cattail. After that, you’ll become as before.”

The rabit did as his advices, and surprisingly, the rabit’s body had truly become as before!

The rabit appreciated him and foretold that “Princes Yakami, who is the most beautiful woman in Inaba country will marry you, not your brothers.”

And then, the rabit’s prediction would come true, “Ookuni-Nushi-No-Mikoto” had been married Yakami-hime.

Around “Izumo-Taisha”, there is a lot of statues of a rabit with many actions and expressions, so please watch them when you visit there!

The Shinto ritual of “Izumo-Taisha”

The ritual to greet Gods;”Kami-Mukae-Sai”

In the night of 10th October of the old calendar every year, Shinto priests of “Izumo-Taisya” held “Kami-Mukae-Sai”, the ritual to greet Gods who come to there.

*It’s not an event for sightseeing, so there is no seats for visiters. See it within bounds and do not to use a flash when you take a photo.

The place which the ritual held is “Inasa-no-hama”, the beach which is 1km away for west from “Izumo-Taisha”. Like the photo, the mark is the rock with a “Tori-I”, a gate of shrines.

Most of Gods of Japan land from “Inasa-No-Hama”, and go to “Izumo-Taisya”.

In addition, the rock with a Tori-i is “Benten-jima” island. And it denifies “Toyotamahiko-No-Mikoto”, the God who preside over the benefit of an easy delivery and being blessed with children. That’s why there are many women who visit there and “Izumo-Taisya”, the shrine of marriage together.

And then “Inasa-No-Hama” is the good place to watch a beautiful evening sun, so please visit there at a sunset time!


“Kamiari-Sai” is the ritual which has been held in 7 days; from 11th to 17th October of the old calendar, in other words, the term that Gods stay and hold the meeting called “Kami-hakari”.

However, unfortunatelly, generally people can’t join.


“Emmusubi-Taisai” is held 15th and 17th in October of the old calendar with “Kamiari-sai”. Generally people can join it, but it’s neseccary to apply for “Izumo-Taisya”.

However, there is no information written in English on the website, please ask to someone who can understand and speak Japanese.

You need a postcard with a reply card attached for the application. And it costs 5,000 yen to join.


On 17th October of the old calendar, the final day of “Kami-Hakari”, the ritual called “Karasade-Sai” is held to see off the Gods.

And on 26th, Shinto priests of “Izumo-Taisya” is held the ritual again to tell the conclusion of “Kami-Hakari” to “Ookuni-Nushi-No-Mikoto”.

The point to be noted when you go there by an airplane

So, it’s time to intdoruce how to go to “Izumo-Taisya”!

First of all, the nearest airport of “Izumo-Taisya” is “Izumo-Emmusubi-Airport” which is for JAL and FDA; but to be honest, it’s very probable to make a trouble of taking‐off and landing because thick fog often occur!!

That’s why I and my mother used “Yonago-Kitarou-Airport” in Totorri prefecture(Next to Shimane) and rent a car to go to “Izumo-Taisya”!

It takes about an hour and a half by a car, and in the case of a train and a buss, it takes about 2 hours to arrive there. However, because a train and a buss don’t come often like Tokyo, I recommend you to rend a car which can move freely.  

Additionally, there is “The memorial house of Shigeru Mizuki” near by “Yonago-Kitarou-Airport”. If you are a fan of him, don’t lose a chance!

And more, around “Sakai-Minato station” which is the nearest by the memorial house, you can see the statues of Japanese monsters which appear in “Ge-Ge-Ge-No-Kitarou”, the street lamps of “Medama-Oyaji”, eyeball daddy and “The Kitarou train” which is painted the characters of Kitarou!

I recommend you to visit there especially in the night because we can feel a strange atmosphere!!

Final comment:About “Yaegaki-Shrine”

【Yaegaki-Shrine in Shimane prefecture】

How was it?

Because the border control measures have been eased on 11th of this month, I expect that foreign visiters for a  sightseeing is increasing more and more.

From now, it’s just the season of “Izumo-Taisya”; if you’re interested in it, please try to visit!

Then, around “Izumo-Taisya”, there are many sightseeing spots like “Yaegaki-Shirine”, which denify “Susanou-No-Mikoto” and his wife “Kushinada-Hime-No-Mikoto”.

At “Kagami-No-Ike” pond、the inner part of “Yaegaki-Shirine”, put a coin on the special paper made at the shrine and put them on the pond, the sentence of love fortune-telling will appear.

And also we can divine the term and how we meet our each partner by the distance of us and the place where the paper sink, how long it takes to sink, and how it moves!

It’s too long to write, but if you’re interested in love and marriage or not, please visit “Izumo”, the holy place of Japanese mythology!