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At first

Hello, this is MIKA!

A winter will has been finished soon, but we eat a “Ramen” every season!

Now “Ramen” is a representative of Japanese food, however, do you know the kind and the history of “Ramen”?

If not, let’s know more about “Ramen” by reading this article♪

The history of “Ramen”

“Ramen” was born in China

In the first place, “Ramen” was born in China, not in Japan.

There is a record that Japanese people ate Chinese noodle around 15th to 17th century and the recipe hasn’t changed.

Because “Ramen” came from China, people called it “Chinese noodle” at first.

It was Meiji era that “Ramen” has been spreaded in Japan

In 1853, Matthew C. Perry came to Japan from US to require the opening diplomatic relations.

Because in Edo era(1603~1868), Japan closed the country and traded with only China and Netherlands.

But finally Japan opened the country and the Meiji era had started from 1868.

By the way, do you know “Yokohama”, the port town in Kanagawa prefecture?

It’s at south side of Tokyo and it takes 20 minutes by a train from there.

The port of Yokohama has been opened in 1859, before opening the country, and many foreign settlement had been established in Yokohama.

And, the first Chinese restaurant was born in there!

This occurrence had been the opportunity to spread Chinese cuisine around Japan.

Yokohama Settlement had been abolished in 1899, however, there is a China town now and it’s one of the sightseeing points in Yokohama.

The beginning of “Japanese Ramen”

Even after Yokohama Settlement had been abolished, many Chinese students came to Japan and many public Chinese restaurant had been opened at each places.

And in 1910, finally the first Japanese Ramen restaurant “Rai-rai-ken” was born in Asakusa!!

This occurrence caused the first boom of “Ramen” in Japan, however, after WW2, a lot of Ramen restaurant had been closed.

The evolution of “Ramen” after WW2

After WW2, Tokyo had became a burnt field because of the air raid, but people survived by selling and buying at a black market.

At that time, a stand of “Ramen” helped a lot of people!!

X-soldiers who went to China in WW2 remembered how to cook a ramen, and its foodstuff was cheep but it was highly nourishing food, so it was very helpful for people!

Then, in 1947, “Tonkotsu-Ramen”,”Pork-Bone-Broth-Ramen” was born in Kurume of Kyusyu-area.

And in 1954, “Miso-Ramen” was cooked at first in Sapporo, the prefectural capital of Hokkaido!

The appearance of “Instant Ramen”

An instant ramen is a ramen to cook by just putting a hot water and wait 3 minutes.

In 1958, “Nisshin-Chicken-Ramen” has been sold as the first instant ramen and it made people very surprised!

Next, “Sapporo-Ichiban” soy-sause and salt ramen in 1966, and “Meisei-Charmera” has been sold. They are also instant ramens, and now people love to eat them.

The beginning of “Cup-Ramen”

In 1971, Mr. Momofuku Ando, the chairman of “Nisshin Foods” evolved an instant ramen.

Yes, he made a “Cup Noodle”!!

Finally we don’t need a container, and a ramen has become a portable ration to cook by just putting a hot water and wait 3 minutes.

The kind of “Ramen”

The basic tastes of “Ramen”

What kind of “Ramen” do you like the best?

Speaking of a taste of “Ramen”, a soy-sause, miso, tonkotsu, solt are standard.

In Japan, the area which soy-sause ramen is eaten are the most common.

And people live in Hokkaido and Iwate eat Miso-Ramen, and people in Kyusyu area eat Tonkotsu-Ramen mainly.

Recently, “Very spicy ramen” is boom among not only Japanese but also foreign people!

The special “Ramen” for each area

In Japan, there are 8 areas from Hokkaido to Okinawa prefecture.

Because each area has each specialties, of course the taste of soup and stuffs of ramen is different for each places!!

The special ramen which we can eat only in that area is called “Gotouchi-ramen” in Japanese.

For example, “A scallop ramen” in Hokkaido,


“A  a shijimi clam ramen” in Shimane prefecture and etc, we can’t count them!!

After all, please try to take “Gotouchi-ramen” if you love a ramen!

Final comment

How was it?

In short, “Ramen” has been attached to Japan in Meiji era (1868~1912), and developed speedy after WW2, and finally an instant ramen and a cup ramen was born.

Now “Ramen” is very popular around the world, by the way, will people advance a ramen in foreign countries?

Like a sushi, I think there is an original ramen in foreign country, so if you know that please tell me!

That’s all about “The kind and history of Ramen”♪

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