It’s “White Day” today!! ~Give a present for woman who gives you a chocolate on Valentine’s Day~

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At first

Hello, this is MIKA!

It’s middle of March now, then how are you doing?

By the way, it’s 14th March, do you know what kind of day is it today in Japan?

The answer is “White Day”; it’s the day the man who received a chocolate from a woman on Valentine’s Day gives a present as a return gift!

To tell more, each kind of presents has a different meaning, so please pay attention if you give a return gift for Japanese woman or girl on “White Day”!!

That’s why I’ll tell you about the origin of “White Day” and the meaning of each presents♪

The origin of “White Day”

It was “Marshmallow Day” at first!?

There are various views about the origin of “White Day”.

First one is that an old-established Japanese snack shop started to sell a marshmallow which covered a chocolate; that’s why people said “Marshmallow Day” at that time.

To sell candies!?

The second one is that Japanese cooperative association of a candy started the campaign to sell candies in 1980.

It was the collaboration of sweets companies!?

The third one is that a large producer of sweet snacks started to sell candies and marshmallows as a return gift of Valentine’s Day(it has already spreaded) to become attached as a custom at the end of 1960s.

That campaign had been held by just one company, however, other company joined to that and “The Return Valentine’s Day” had been known among people.

The meaning of the return gift on “White Day”

Then, let’s start to talk about the main theme!!

Some men may receive a chocolate from some women whom they love or not.

And the return gift on “White Day” is the response of Valentine’s Day chocolate, so if you mistake to choose the return gift, it makes trouble!!

A macaron

For the lover, the wife, or the woman whom you want to date or get married, you should give her a macaron because its message is “You’re special for me”.

The reason why is that it’s hard to cook a macaron and it’s expencive sweet.

A candy

Because a candy is hard and takes a long time to melt, we can enjoy its sweet taste longer.

That’s why it has the meaning that “I wanna spend the long and sweet time with you”, so if you like the woman or girl who gave you a chocolate on Valentine’s Day, it’s the good gift for her.

A baumkuchen

Because a baumkuchen is made by many layers of a dough, people wish “The hapiness will continue forever” to a baumkuchen.

That’s why it’s good for the lover or the wife to give.

A madeleine

A madeleine looks like a shell and Japanese people has thought that a shell is the symbol of a husband and a wife because shells fit each other.

That’s the reason it has the meaning “I wanna be friendly with you more” and “I wanna make a good relationship with you”.

A caramel

It has the meaning that “You make me relaxed” because a caramel is melting slowly in a mouth and it has a mild taste.

So, it’s good gift for the person whom you like without feelings of love.

A cookie

Cookies are dry sweets, not moist sweets.

If you want to say “I can’t make a moist and sweet relation with you”, in other words, “I can’t be your lover” for the woman or girl, give cookies.

Then it’s ideal for your friends or colleague.

A white chocolate

Also a white chocolate has the message “I can’t be your lover”.

If you want to answer “Be a good friend as before” or “Be a good colleague as before”, give her a white chocolate.

A marshmallow

Because a marshmallow melts so fast in the mouth, it has the meaning “The relationship doesn’t continue longer”.

That’s why it’s a sweet to give for someone whom you don’t like.

It’s a strange because it was a “Marshmallow Day” at first…

A chocolate

Because you return the same sweet which you received on Valentine’s Day, it means “I can’t receive your love”.

So you should give a chocolate to the person whom you don’t have a feeling of love.

A gummy

We take a gummy by biting, that’s why it has the meaning “To crush the emotion”.

So the message is “I hate you”!

There are pretty and colorful gummies, however, please pay attention when you buy them as the return present on “White Day”.

A mug

Then, from now, I’ll talk about things, not sweets.

Same as sweets, each things have each meaning, so be careful!!

First, about a mug; it has the image to be relaxed at home, that’s why it has the meaning “I wanna stay at your home together” and “I wanna go to your home”.

So, I recommend a mug as a return gift for the couple who haven’t go to each home.

A ring

Speaking of a ring, we image “a marriage”.

“White Day” is a good chance to say “Marry me”.

A necklace and a bracelet

A necklace and a bracelet have the image of “A restriction”, so please pay attention not to be misunderstood!!

The best person whom you give a necklace or a bracelet is your lover.

A bouquet

A bouquet makes her happy, however, you should be careful to choose a flower because they have the language of flowers.

For example, a rose is the symbol of a love. It’s suitable for your wife or lover, but never give it to others!

A pair of sox

A pair of sox has the meaning that “I trust you” or “I can be relaxed with you” because we take them as usual.

They are not expencive daily necessaries, so it’s good for familiar woman or girl.

A handkerchief

A handkerchief is popular as a normal gift; however, if you give it for your lover, it means “I wanna say good-bye”!!

It has the image to wipe tears, so we associate “A separation”.

Final comment

How was it?

It was too much to remember, so it confused you I think…

However, it’s one of the cultures of return in Japan, so please memorize that “Each gifts has a meaning, so it’s necessary to check them before buying”.

And, make them happy whether you love her or not!