Let’s dive around Japan!! ~About some diving spots in Japan~

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At first

Hello, everyone!! This is MIKA;)

Suddenly asking, are you a diver? Or are you interested in diving!?

In fact, Japan is the country of diving which has so many points to dive!!

And each area has each natural features, views, and sea creatures!

Whether you’re a diver or not, please read it!


“Izu-peninsula” is the south side of Mt.Fuji, in Shizuoka prefecture.

Atami・A sunken ship

Atami is the famous as the Onsen area, but there is a sunken ship on purpose!

And also there are some corals and fishes!

Kawana・a sea turtle

In Kawana, you have a chance to watch a sea turtle and some tropical fisies like an anemone fish!

The reason why is that their eggs are brought from Okinawa to Izu-peninsula by Kuroshio-current.

Mikomotozima-island・a hammerhead shark

Mikomotozima-island is the nearest place from Tokyo that we can watch a shoal of a hammerhead shark!

In addition, it’s possible to watch them in winter near by Yonaguni-island, which is the westernmost island in Japan.


Izu-islands is including Izu-ooshima, Toshima, Niizima, Shikinezima, Kouzushima, Miyakezima, Mikurazima, and Hachijouzima.

Only Hachijouzima-island, we can go there by airplane by Haneda airport. However, without there, we have to take a ferry by Takeshiba-futou port.

Mikurazima-island・a dolphin

Surprisingly, there are about 120 dolphins around Mikurazima-island!!

That’s why we can enjoy swimming with them!


Ogasawara-islands is the south side of Izu-islands. Its latitude is as same as Okinawa prefecture.

However, there is no airline, the way to go to Chichizima-islands which is the main island of Ogasawara area is only a ferry, and it takes 24 hours and they move only twice per a week!!

It’s a very large ferry, so if you often get a sea sickness, never forget to take a medicine!!

And about the ferry, please check here.

Chichizima-island・sunken ships, dolphins, and whales

Around Ogasawara-islands, there are many sunken ships which has been gone down during WW2.

And, the shark which is called “Shiro-wani” in Japanese is also popular!

Also we can watch dolphins and whales in spring, and we can enjoy dophin-swim in summer!

Okinawa islands

Okinawa prefecture is between Amami-islands in Kagoshima prefecture and Taiwan.

Kerama-islands・a whale

Kerama-islands are the west side of Okinawa-mainland.

We can watch some whales there in spring because it’s the breeding season of them!


I’ve stayed Zamami-island, one of Kerama islands.

The sea of Zamami is very cleary and it’s very beautiful blue which is called “Kerama Blue” because the sea bottom is sand.

Miyakozima-island・a coral reef

Miyakozima-island is between Okinawa mainland and Yaeyama-islands.

And there is very big coral reef named “Yabiji” , which is called “Japanese Great Barrier Reef” near by Miyakozima-island!!


Yaeyama-islands is beteween Miyakozima-island and Taiwan.

It includes Ishigakizima-island, which I’m living, Iriomotezima-island, Taketomizima-islands, Kuroshima-island, Kohamazima-island, Haterumazima-island, Hatomazima-island, Yonagunizima-islands and so on.

Ishigaki, Kohama, and Kuroshima island・Manta Ray

And, the speciality of Yaeyama-islands is a manta ray!!

“Manta-scramble”, “Manta-city” of Ishigaki-island especially in autunm, “Yonara-suidou” of Kohama-island, and Kuroshima in spring; there are so many points which we can watch manta ray around Yaeyama-islands!!

Even if you are not a diver or beginner, you can dive at “Manta-scramble”, so let’s charange!

Yonaguni-island・the ruins under the sea,a marlin, a whale shark, a barracuda, and a bigeye trevally

Yonaguni-island is the westernmost island in Japan. It takes 40 minutes by an airplane, and 4 hours by a ferry from Ishigaki-island.

If the weather is fine, you can watch Taiwan from the westside of that island.

And I wrote we can watch a shoal of a hammerhead shark in winter, however, we can watch the mysterious ruins under the sea only here!!

There is an opinion that it’s the part of “Mu”, the mythical lost continent, but no one knows the truth.

Also, it’s possible to find a whale shark,

a marlin,

a barracuda,

and a bigeye trevally!

Final comment

How was it?

This time, I’ve introduced you some diving spots mainly where I’ve dived, but there are other spots to dive in Japan!!

If you’re a diver, please enjoy the sea around Japan!

And if not, let’s try to dive or take the licence of diving in Japan!