Japanese loves “Baseball”!! ~The history of a baseball in Japan and its rules~

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At first

Hello, this is MIKA!

Suddenly asking, do you know “a baseball”?

That was born in USA, however, it’s very poular in Japan, too!!

Someone who watched WBC in spring this year hasn’t forgot Samurai Japan had won the victory yet.

By the way, when a baseball has come to Japan?

And, how it has been developed as a popular sports in Japan?

Then, how is its rules?

This time, I’ll write the article about these themes!

The history of a baseball in Japan

Being imported from USA

It was in Meiji era【1868~1912】, which Japan has started a diplomacy and a trade with some foreign countries.

In 1872, the 5th year of Meiji era, Horase Wilson was working as a teacher in Kaisei gakuen, present Tokyo University.

And he introduced a basecall to a P.E. lesson, and students like it very much!

After that, each university made a team of a baseball, and held interleague plays.

Now a days, “Soukei-sen”, the interleague play of Waseda-university and Keiou-university has been continuing.

The holding of “Koushi-en” for high-school students

“Koushi-en” is the abbreviation of “Hanshin-Koushien-Kyuujou” and it’s in Nishinomiya city, Hyogo prefecture.

Japanese baseball has been started by university students, but after that, it has been spreaded to high-school students.

And, in 1915, the national convention of high-school baseball by the teams from each prefectures.

It started at other studium, but after 1924, when “Koushi-en-kyuujou” has been built, it has held at there. And it held not only in summer but also in spring.

Recently, many players made the histories of “Koushi-en”.

An Organization of professional teams

In 1934, the selected team of Mejor League from USA which was led by babe ruth, who has been called the God of a baseball came to Japan.

To play with them, the team of “Dainippon-baseball-club” had been organized. And it will be the team “Yomiuri-Giants”, one of the famous team in Japan.

After that, professional baseball teams has been born in each cities, and they are playing also today.

In addition, many players from Japanese professional teams have been to Mejor League of USA.

The rules of a baseball

Then, I think many people don’t know the rule of a baseball, so I’ll try to explain that simply.

First, this is the illustration of the studium. There is the home-base, the first-base, the second-base, the third base and the mound. A team can get a point when a player come back to the home-base.

However, if the player is out before coming back to the home-base, that player have to leave.

In the game of a baseball, there is a batting team and fielding team, and they take turns for a one time. Basically the game is held for 9 times.

A pitcher throw a ball

First, the pitcher on the mound throw a ball and the batter try to hit it.

A batter hit a ball and run to the first base

If the batter hit a ball, he started to run to the first base.

If the fielder of the first-base take a ball and step on it or touch the runnner before the runner step on it, the runner will be out. Oppositelly, the batter can step on the first-base before the fielder, he can stay there.

After that, the batter will be the runner, and he try to go back to the home-base. But the filder of the second and third base can make him out.

However, if the batter hit a home-run, the ball which fly away and fall to the out side of the studium, he can go around through all of the base and come back to the home-base. During that time, the filders can do nothing.

Filders try to take a ball and throw it to the first base

The filders【First, Second, Third, Right, Left, Center, Short, Pitcher, Catcher】try to take a ball which the batter hits. After taking, he throw it to the first-base.

If the ball is flying away and the filder take it, the batter will be out.

Ball is 4 times, Strike is 3 times, and Out is 3 times

“Ball” is too high or low to hit. If the pitcher throw a “Ball” for 4 times, the batter can go to the first-base.

Or, if the ball hits to the body of the batter, it’s a “dead-ball” and the batter can go to the first base, too.

Next, “Strike” is the batter swing at a ball and a miss or the good ball thrown by the pitcher which go through the center. If the batter makes 3 strikes, he will be out.

And if 3 batters are out, the batter team change to the field team.

Final comment

How was it?

It’s simple, but I’ve introduced you the history of a baseball in Japan and its rules.

And the national games of high-school students which is called “koushi-en” has started today, 6th August.

NHK【One of Japanese TV studio】broadcasts it by relay, so if you’re interested in, please watch it!