Enjoy Japanese autunm!! ~Otsukimi, Kouyou and Gurmet~

日本の季節(きせつ): Japanese season

Japanese article is here; https://japaneselanguagesalonbymikapanda.com/enjoy-japanese-autunm-2601

At first

Hello, this is MIKA!

it’s still hot now in Ishigaki island, but the autunm has already come.

In autunm, we have so many things to enjoy and eat!!

That’s why I’ll tell you how to enjoy the autunm in Japan today!

“Otsukimi”; Moon viewing

First, we do “Moon viewing” at the night on 15th August of the old(lunar) calendar.

In Japan, we call that moon “Chuu-syuu-no-meigetsu”, “The moon of middle autunm”; it’s the most beautiful one in a year.

Additionally, in this year, we do that in 29th September.

For detail, please read this article; https://japaneselanguagesalonbymikapanda.com/there-are-rabits-on-the-moon-why-japanese-do-moon-viewing-1017

“Kouyou”; Red and yellow colouring of leaves

Second, I’ll tell you about “Kouyou”, it’s “A red and yellow colouring of leaves” in English.

It starts at the end of October, so I recommend you to visit Japan in November if you want to watch “Kouyou” or a hiking.

And then, there is a ginkgo, which is only around East Asia. Its leaves will be changing to yellow.

There are so many “Gin-nan”, the nut of them under the trees.

Please be careful because it has a very bad smell!!

But “Chawanmushi” with “Gin-nan” is very tasty♪

The gourmet of Japanese autunm

“Satsuma-imo”, a sweet potato

“Satsuma-imo” is a long potato, which has a purple skin.

The place of origin is Peru, and it has been cultivated from B.C. 10,000 or B.C. 8,000. After that, it goes to the world.

Does your country cultivate it? And, how do you eat it?

In Japan, the most popular way to eat is to steam; we call it “Yaki-imo”, a baked sweet potato. And many people like it also in winter.

And then, we often take it as a sweet called “Sweet potato”.

First, steam “Satsuma-imo”, add a butter, milk, and suger, and finally bake it by an oven.

Or, some people cook “A rice with Satsuma-imo”!

“Kuri”, a japanese chestnut

The autunm is the best season of a japanese chestnut, too.

We bake them to eat or cook them with a rice.

Also, there is a cake named “Mont-blanc” in Japan!!

It’s the cake imaged “Mont-blanc” in the Alps as its name.

“Kabocha”, a squash

Next, I’ll introduce you “Kabocha”, a squash.

Japanese squash has a green skin and yellow fruit.

Because 31st October is “Halloween”, you can buy a “Mont-blanc” or cakes made by a squash until that day!

“Nashi”, a pear

We often take a pear as a fruit of autunm!

Japanese pears is sphere, hard, and very juicy!

The producing center of a pear is Chiba, Ibaraki, and Tochigi prefecture; all of them are near by Tokyo. So, if you have a chance, visit there after a sightseeing of Tokyo.

“Budou”, a grape and a muscat

Next, we can buy a grape and a muscut at a supermarket in autunm!

The producing center of them is Yamanashi prefecture, one of the popular sightseeing spots which has a rich nature, Mt.Fuji and Kawaguchiko-lake.

In addition, there are a lot of wineries in Yamanashi, and you can find the original wines made in there at a souvenir shop defenitely. If you like a wine, please go there!

Final comment

How about it?

In Japan, the autunm is the great season to enjoy the nature viewing, vegetables and fruits!

If you want to take Japanese autunm sweets, go to a bakery or a cake shop.

However, there are many pollen of a ragweed, Japanese mugwort and hop!!

That’s why if you have a hay-fever, visit Japan in October or November!

That’s all about the way to enjoy Japanese autunm♪