Let’s learn the positional perticals!! Part.2 ~「で」・「と」・「から」~


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At first

Hello, everyone!! This is MIKA(^▽^)

Today, let’s do the lesson about the petterns of 「~で」「~と」「~から」!

The positional perticals 「で」

【A vehicle】+で

At first, remember the pettern of the sentence like 「【Vehicle】+で~ます。」

【A way】+で

Next, let’s learn the pettern of 「【The way】+で~ます。」

In the case of「【The way】+で」, it’s possible to put 「で」before the verb and the object.

【A language】+で

Also we can put it which language we use like 日本語【で】,英語(えいご)【で】,フランス語(ご)【で】,スペイン語【で】. (In Japanese, In English, In French, In Spanish…)

【A place】+で+~ます。

Finally, I’ll tell you the petttern 「【The place】+で+~ます。」.

However, it’s very easy to mistake with 「【The place】+に+~ます。」, so please be careful!!

In the case of 「【The place】+に+~ます。」, the verbs are 「います」and「あります」, which express 【an exsist】, or the verbs like 「行(い)きます」「来(き)ます」「引(ひ)っ越(こ)します」「留学(りゅうがく)します」, which express 【moving】.

We use【で】with other verbs, please mind it!!

The positional pertical 「と」

【A person】+と+~ます。

If anyone go to anywhere or do anything with a person, express like 「【The person】と~ます。」

【A thing】+と+【A thing】

In addition, we use 「と」 as “&”.

The potitional perticle「から」

【Their home country/town】+から

In this case, just remember 「~から来ました。」and its meaning.

【A start】+から+【A goal】+まで

「~~~から【A reason】、……ます。」

Finally, I’ll tell you the pettern of 「から」as “Because”.

For example, when someone ask to others, the answer is whether yes or no.

However, it’s not enough as a conversation, add the reason with 「から」.


Answer like them.

Next one is the another example.

In the case of the sentence, not a conversation, we use 【から】like that.

Final comment

How was it?

I can find the reason why all of you have a hard time to study them, because they are not similar to the prepositions of English but very difference…

However, if you try to remember all of them, you have an opposite effort!

So, like her in the illustration, write your diary in Japanese and learn the positional perticles step by step!

Then, next time let’s learn the pettern of 「が」!